From ‘Wishlist’ to ‘Ritual’

Do you have a self-care wish list?

The podcasts and articles and books you love expose you to so many things you know could help you better connect with yourself and others…

But between making time for self-connection in your busy life, and figuring out how to sustainably build it into an impact-making practice, it can be too easy to keep scheduling the start time for “someday.”

But—as the meme famously says—”someday is not a day of the week.”

Whether you’re interested in starting a meditation practice, or using the home altar you lovingly assembled, or exploring a new idea through journaling or art, I work with you to move your self-care goals from “someday” to “today” by offering accountability and structure to those activities you keep saving for last.

You know that you could try to do this on your own, but you want to go a little deeper than that.

We explore what you’re feeling called to, and uncover what will be most meaningful to put into practice.

This self-care coaching includes one 90-minute call, and a 30-minute call two weeks following.

We’ll talk through your needs and your blocks, and you’ll finish our 90 minutes with a clear vision of what action to take and how to make it work in flow with the rest of your life.

Coaching for Self-Care Practices = $99

Sacred Seasons

Entering into a season of life that’s meaningful to you?

Do you have a special milestone or occasion coming up that you’d like to honor in a more personal or spiritual way?

Maybe you’re wondering what you need to do to take care of your spiritual wellness at this particular stage of life...whether it’s how to honor the time between now and your due date, or the months leading up to your wedding.

Maybe you’re moving into a new house and want to carry out a meaningful ritual or celebration either by yourself, or with those you care about.

Or maybe you’re approaching a “big” birthday, a significant anniversary or even a graduation and you want to pair your celebration with some reflection or storytelling.

While it’s easy for us to fall into the mindset of ‘save it for a special occasion’, the truth is that these moments are what make up our lives.

And it’s the meaning we place on them that builds those touchpoints and milestones we can look back on and savor.

Whether it’s a single-day occasion, or an ongoing practice, I can help you develop a clear vision for a meaningful ritual or celebration that feels super relevant for the season of life that you’re in.

This package includes one 90-minute call, followed by a PDF emailed to you 7 days later. This PDF details what your ritual/celebration will look like, and a final 30-minute conversation puts you in the best position to bring this ritual to life.

Coaching for Sacred Seasons = $99