Have you ever avoided taking a day away because you couldn’t decide what to do with the hours?

Does the idea of “me time” stress you out because it feels like there are too many options, or because you worry about wasting your precious moments of solitude?

Sometimes, limitations can make creativity so much more interesting. That’s where the magic of a bespoke personal retreat box comes in.

If you’ve ever felt the need for a strong dose of self-care, this fully customized experience can be the remedy you’re seeking.

Think of this package as a mini-retreat: take a vacation day, or commit to freeing up an entire day of your weekend to ease into your self-connection. It can be carried out at home, or you might even like to organizse a staycation nearby.

These personalized retreats are designed by me following a 60-minute consultation over Zoom (it’s like Skype, but better!). During our video call, I uncover all I need to know to make sure that when you receive your personal retreat box, it feels entirely bespoke to you (because it is!).

The day itself begins with a starting ritual, and what follows is designed around four key pillars with activities and self-care exercises that are specifically tailored to you:

  • Stillness

  • Movement

  • Connection

  • Creation

Each retreat box includes an introductory letter and ideas for preparation––these let you know what’s coming so you can get in the right headspace to experience a day that truly feels like a gift.

When you receive your guide, you’ll read through the first page and think, Ah, this is *exactly* what I need…

By the end of your day spent honoring your physical, creative, mental and spiritual wellness, you’ll feel more grounded in yourself, more connected to the magic of the ordinary, and ready to show up internationally to be more of who you already are.

This experience can be provided to you in two forms:

  • The Personal Retreat Box includes a printed guide delivered as a hand-stitched mini-journal, plus a curated selection of everything you will need to immerse yourself in this time of self-care. The Personal Retreat Box is shipped to your door, ready to go. (Local delivery also available.)

  • The Electronic Retreat Guide is delivered via email and is designed to be printed for your use, including space for responding to journaling prompts. Electronic guides also include a shopping list for other supplies that may enrich your experience.

Personal Retreat Experience Comparison Matrix.png

Personal Retreat Box

including hand-stitched guide
& curated retreat supplies


Electronic Retreat Guide

including printable PDF
& shopping list