Personal Retreat
Guide & Workbook

Have you ever avoided taking a day away because you couldn’t decide what to do with the hours? Does the idea of “me time” stress you out because it feels like there are too many options, or because you worry about wasting your precious moments of solitude? Have you been curious about exploring meditation, yoga, journaling or other forms of self-care?

Designed for those seeking a strong dose of self-care in the form of a mini-retreat or a focused short-term practice, the Personal Retreat Guide is a fully customized experience. We begin with a 30-minute consultation by video chat to discuss your self-care priorities and the modalities that best speak to your needs. Then, I design a personalized self-care itinerary and workbook, just for you.

Every Retreat Guide includes:

  • suggestions to prepare for your practice

  • journaling prompts

  • guided exercises

  • a custom guided imagery recording

  • recommended resources.

Each guide explores the areas of stillness, movement, creation and connection, and it’s designed for the format you need—a full day of retreat, a series of short sessions, or something else we can imagine together.

This experience can be purchased in two forms:

The Personal Retreat Box includes a printed guide delivered as a hand-stitched mini-journal, plus a curated selection of everything you will need to immerse yourself in this time of self-care. The Personal Retreat Box is shipped to your door, ready to go. (Local delivery also available.)

The electronic guide is delivered via email and is designed to be printed for your use, including space for responding to journaling prompts. Electronic guides also include a shopping list for other supplies that may enrich your experience.


  • Personal Retreat Box, including hand-stitched guide & curated retreat supplies = $115

  • Electronic guide only (PDF) = $85

Coming Soon:
Self-Care Coaching

Many of us may have what I call “self-care wish lists”—things we believe may help us better connect with ourselves and others, but that we don’t feel we have the time for within our busy lives. Perhaps you’re interested in starting a meditation practice, or using the home altar you lovingly assembled, or exploring a new idea through journaling or art.

We schedule these ideas for “someday,” but—as the meme famously says—”someday is not a day of the week.”

I help busy folks move their self-care goals from “someday” to “today” by offering accountability and structure to those activities we often save for last.

NOTE: As I’m in the process of imagining the best format for this work, I’m planning a few “brain-picking” sessions with interested folks. These free 30-minute phone calls are designed to be mutually beneficial—with 15 minutes of “market research”-type questions, followed by 15 minutes for you to ask me anything about your self-care goals.